Appel de conférences – « Music and Cultural Mobility in the 20th Century » – 20 mai 2024

Appel de conférences pour le colloque « Music and Cultural Mobility in the 20th Century. Ernst Krenek, Arnold Schoenberg, and their contemporaries », Vienne, 21-23 mai 2025.

« The concept of Cultural Mobility draws upon ideas from the field of Mobility Studies to reconceptualise the ways we traditionally think about culture and works of art. It encompasses not only the mobility or migration of people, but also of artworks and genres, practices and concepts, techniques and aesthetics and it is concerned with the mobility of social and aesthetic paradigms as much as it is with mobility in spatial dimensions. The concept thus has the potential to challenge how we think about cultural, spatial, national, or religious identities in particular. In the 20th century, displacement of peoples, developments in media and communication, and the internationalisation of musical culture were all mobilities that had musical consequences as the lives and music of Ernst Krenek and Arnold Schoenberg and many of their contemporaries exemplifies.

Our symposium provides an opportunity to discuss Cultural Mobility from this perspective in order to deepen our understanding of mobility and its manifestations as a crucial factor in the music of the 20th century. »

Date limite de soumission : 20 mai 2024.

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