Appel de conférences – « InterMultiTrans. Disciplinarities in Popular Music Studies » – 16 février 2024

Appel de conférences de la Gesellschaft für Popularmusikforschung pour le colloque « InterMultiTrans. Disciplinarities in Popular Music Studies », Université de Fribourg, 10-12 octobre 2024.

« Bearing this in mind, the 34th annual conference of the GFPM wants to discuss how disciplinarity is reflected in our research areas, what potential the various disciplines have and what methodological and institutional challenges they present. Aligned with this comes the question, what popular music studies has to offer as a kaleidoscope or a cross section of professions and disciplines, to persist in the competition for scientific sustainability, societal attention and financial resources.

In the hyperbolic buzzword InterMultiTrans lies the question of inter-, multi- and transdiciplinarity of popular music research. In this respect it can be understood as an impulse to reflect on the existing tendencies in our field of research to open up and expand subject-specific perspectives and to enter into an in-depth discussion about the opportunities and challenges of academic disciplinarity.

We identify three thematic areas in this context: InterMultiTrans in its/their dimension of science/scientific theory, of the politics and policy of academia and of everyday academic working life. »

Date limite de soumission : 16 février 2024.

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