Financement – Folger Institute – 15 décembre 2023 & 15 janvier 2024

Bourses du Folger Institute, Washington.

« Folger Institute fellowships support individual scholarly and artistic research that enriches and expands our understanding of the early modern world. We value research that grapples with tough historical questions and that engages with what primary sources both say and do not say in order to produce histories encompassing diverse regions, questions, and methods. The Institute also aims to ensure equitable access to research funding by offering multiple fellowship modules and removing barriers to fellowship participation.

Each year the Folger Institute awards research fellowships to create a high-powered, multidisciplinary community of inquiry. This community of researchers may come from different fields, and their projects may find different kinds of expression. But our researchers share cognate interests in the history and literature, art and performance, philosophy, religion, and politics of the early modern world. »

dates imites de soumission : 15 décembre 2023 et 15 janvier 2024.

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