Appel à contributions – Numéro spécial sur Meredith Monk – 6 novembre 2023

Appel à contributions de la revue American Music pour un numéro spécial sur Meredith Monk.

Rédaction en chef : Nancy Yunhwa Rao.

« The new editorial team of American Music is excited to invite submissions for a special issue that will explore topics, issues, and debates surrounding the art and music of Meredith Monk. In particular, we welcome contributions that engage with one or more of the following themes:

  • Artistic and professional trajectory, from Monk’s emergence in the 1960s up to the present
  • Monk’s aesthetic and institutional contexts, especially vis-à-vis her contemporaries and predecessors in dance, theater, film, and music
  • Socio-cultural contexts and implications of Monk’s work—not only in her choice of subject matter, but also in her choice of media, soundscape(s), etc.
  • Monk’s influence: situating her within (and without)contemporary artistic and musical spheres
  • Teaching Monk’s art and music: pedagogical challenges and approaches
  • Relationship between Monk’s music and her treatment of voice, body, and other media (i.e., the practical problems and possibilities arising from her interdisciplinarity)
  • Monk’s creative process: labor, authorship, collaboration, and technology
  • Race, class, gender, sexuality, and spirituality, as they are overtly or implicitly expressed in her work, but also as they are implicated in the reception of (and response to) that work
  • Theorizing Monk’s work, particularly as concerns the challenges presented by its interdisciplinarity »

Date limite de soumission : 6 novembre 2023.

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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