Appel de conférences – « New Media and Old Archives – Exploring Twentieth-Century Music, Media and Technology » – 1 septembre 2023

Appel de conférences pour le « 2023 Grainger Symposium. New Media and Old Archives – Exploring Twentieth-Century Music, Media and Technology », Grainger Museum et en ligne, 8 décembre 2023.

« As part of the Grainger Museum at the University of Melbourne’s new research programme, this symposium explores the theme of music history, composition, and performance in the context of innovation, exploration and engagement with of new media and new technologies. It takes a broad definition of both music and new media, allowing historical consideration of those genres and technologies dominant during the lifetime of Percy Grainger (1882–1961)—the composer, inventor, and musical innovator who founded the museum—and current digital media responses to music research and material in music museums and archives.

Grainger was keenly aware of and interested in the possibilities of new media, particularly those that made music accessible to a wide and varied audience. Through the first half of the twentieth-century, Grainger made use of recording and reproducing technologies to disseminate his own music and the music of others, made field recordings of folk song on phonograph, broadcast music and lectures, was fascinated by Hollywood and film music, and engaged with electronic music, developing his experimental free music machines. »

Date limite de soumission : 1er septembre 2023.

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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