Colloque – « Radical Thought in the Anthropocene » – 1-3 juin 2023

Colloque « Radical Thought in the Anthropocene », Université de Graz, 1er-3 Jun 2023.

« The Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School has significantly shaped the philosophy of the post-war period. It remains of great contemporary relevance, not least in view of today’s multiple social, ecological and economic crises. Within the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Graz, we are engaged in the establishment of an international interdisciplinary research hub on Critical Theory.

Maintaining a close relationship between scientific theory and social practice is our personal motivation and our central theme! The immense worldwide social, ecological, economic and technological challenges that affect everyone call for sustained efforts to link critical theory and innovative practice in a way that is effective for the public and that also transcends disciplines and generations.

Along with a critical perspective on global developments, the irresponsible treatment of nature, neoliberalism and the permanent violation of human rights, the project aims to engage, epistemologically speaking, with the manifold interrelations across (instrumental) reason, (aesthetic) experience and the (artistic) quest for meaningful communicative exchange.

The project is planned as a long-term research enterprise and operates under the premise of ‘Radical Thought in the Anthropocene’. In its initial phase, it is structured alongside three broad stages, with each stage comprising a conference and a subsequent publication of an edited volume. It is important to note that each project stage includes a fundamental reflection on questions of practical social relevance: 

  1. 2023: Disciplinary Approaches of Critical Theory
  2. 2025: Theories and Concepts of Critical Theory 
  3. 2027: Visions for a Critical Theory of Society

The two follow-up events in 2025 and 2027 will specifically address young scholars. Their focus will move beyond the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School by also addressing questions concerning contemporary theorization and its social relevance. »

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