Webinaire – « Musical Grammar of Traditional Modal Monodies Webinar » – 27 mars 2023

Webinaire « Musical Grammar of Traditional Modal Monodies Webinar », en ligne, 27 mars 2023.

« The Modal Semiotics Theory offers an innovative approach to modeling traditional monodies across a vast cultural space that spans from Southern Asia to Medieval Europe, including modern-day Greece, Central Asia, Western Asia, and Northern Africa. This theory is based on a matrixial rhythmic-melodic morphophonological transformational rewriting of the monodic segments’ surface and on a vectorial syntactic transformational rewriting of the same monody, which allows for a comprehensive description of its derivational and integrative elaboration. The semantic component of this grammar is based on its phonological, morphological, and syntactic components, with a particular focus on the semantic vector modalities inherent in modal syntax. This approach leads to a neurocognitive perception of the structures highlighted by modal semiotic analysis. In this Webinar on Musical Grammar of Traditional Modal Monodies, the Centre for Research on Musical Traditions (CRTM), attached to the Faculty of Music and Musicology (FMM) at Antonine University (UA), provides an overview of this method. The presentation includes seven analyses of monodies from different traditions and four research studies in cognitive neuropsychology that are articulated with modal semiotics. »

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