Appel de conférences – « Decolonizing East Asia in Music Research and Pedagogy, AMS/SMT/SEM 2022 » – 1er mars 2022

Appel de conférences pour le symposium « Decolonizing East Asia in Music Research and Pedagogy », au sein du congrès AMS/SMT/SEM 2022 », Nouvelle-Orléans, 10-13 novembre 2022

« This is an opportunity for us to come together to interrogate and decolonize the research, practices, and pedagogy of musical East Asia. All research methodologies are welcomed, whether historical, historiographical, anthropological, music-theoretical, philosophical, critical (feminist, queer, trans, critical race, and disability theory), or otherwise, as well as various pedagogical approaches. All genres of music are included, as long as they are part of the soundscape of East Asian communities, minorities, and diasporas. Informed mutual critique between musicologists, ethnomusicologists, and theorists is welcomed. »

Date limite de soumission (résumé de 250 mots à envoyer à gavinsklee(a) : 1er mars 2022

Image: Hard Rock Café à Malacca (Malaisie), par Kai sur Unsplash.

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