Nouvelle parution – Researching Live Music. Gigs, Tours, Concerts and Festivals

Vient de paraître : Researching Live Music. Gigs, Tours, Concerts and Festivals, sous la dir. de Chris Anderson et Sergio Pisfil, Londres, Routledge, 2021, 272 pages. 

« Researching Live Music offers an important contribution to the emergent field of live music studies.

Featuring paradigmatic case studies, this book is split into four parts, first addressing perspectives associated with production, then promotion and consumption, and finally policy. The contributors to the book draw on a range of methodological and theoretical positions to provide a critical resource that casts new light on live music processes and shows how live music events have become central to raising and discussing broader social and cultural issues. Their case studies expand our knowledge of how live music events work and extend beyond the familiar contexts of the United States and United Kingdom to include examples drawn from Argentina, Australia, France, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Poland.

Researching Live Music is the first comprehensive review of the different ways in which live music can be studied as an interdisciplinary field, including innovative approaches to the study of historic and contemporary live music events. It represents a crucial reading for professionals, students, and researchers working in all aspects of live music. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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