• Vol. 11 nº 1, juillet 2024

    Workshops from Matei and Phillips (2023a and b) explored the potential contents of ideal health education for post-secondary music students with 67 experts in relevant fields (including musicians, academics, and health professionals). Mental health, mindfulness and yoga, physical activity, injury management, and time management and irregular schedules were among the range of topics that were deemed important to include in health education for musicians. Experts also agreed that musicians should be equipped with critical appraisal tools to help with treatment selection and with questioning resources or information presented to them. While these workshops explicitly discuss higher education in the uk, the fundamental ideologies reflect a larger necessity for a global approach to musicians’ health and wellness. With these recommendations for specific content in hand, and with the increase of research in this field in recent years, many educators and researchers agree with Gail Berenson (2014, p. 19), who stated: “With our professional associations leading the way, every teacher has the ability to access the essentials of wellness information, helping to ensure a healthy future for performers everywhere.”

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