• Vol. 9 nº 2, décembre 2022

    Music performance anxiety (mpa) has been shown to impact adults, adolescents, and children alike, and Kenny has stated that “no category of performer is exempt from the experiences of mpa” (Kenny 2006, p. 56). Studies on musicians in professional orchestras have reported that most of this population struggles with their anxiety levels while performing. Johannes Van Kemenade and colleagues (1995) found that 59% of orchestral musicians experienced performance anxiety to such an extent that it impacted their personal and/or professional functioning. Similarly, Ian James (1998) surveyed 56 different orchestras and found that 70% of musicians experienced anxiety that interfered with their performance quality. The experience of performance anxiety is abundant throughout the Western classical music community, with music teachers and students alike voicing the need for better education on mechanisms for inhibiting the severity and debilitating nature of music performance anxiety (Fehm & Schmidt 2006; Sieger 2017).

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