Nouvelle parution – American Music – vol. 38, no1

Vient de paraître : American Music, vol. 38, no 1 (printemps 2020).


Editor’s Introduction
Todd Decker

Reciting Parsifal. Opera as Spoken Word Performance in America
Marian Wilson Kimber

From the Sidelines. Reginald Beane’s Broadway
Julianne Lindberg

Musofun. Joseph Schillinger’s Musical Game between American Music, Soviet Avant-Garde, and Combinatorics
Nikita Braguinski

From “the chord was king” to “a dynamic journey”. Changes in the Barbershop Quartet Style in Contests since the 1950s
Robert G. Hopkins


The Original Blues. The Emergence of the Blues in African American Vaudeville, by Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff; May Irwin. Singing, Shouting, and the Shadow of Minstrelsy, by Sharon Ammen; Vaudeville Melodies. Popular Musicians and Mass Entertainment in American Culture, 1870-1929, by Nicholas Gebhardt
Thomas Riis

“Very Good for an American”. Essays on Edward MacDowell, edited by E. Douglas Bomberger
Jacob A. Cohen

Charles Ives’s “Concord”. Essays after a Sonata, by Kyle Gann
Geoffrey Block

On the Road and Off the Record with Leonard Bernstein. My Years with the Exasperating Genius, by Charlie Harmon; Famous Father Girl. A Memoir of Growing up Bernstein, by Jamie Bernstein
Ann Glazer Niren

Unlimited Replays. Video Games and Classical Music, by William Gibbons
Ryan Thompson

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