Événement – « Encounters with Eighteenth-Century Music Forum » – 24 septembre 2021

Lancement du forum virtuel « Encounters with Eighteenth-Century Music Forum », en ligne, 24 septembre 2021

« We invite you to participate in the inaugural meeting of the virtual forum, Encounters with Eighteenth-Century Music, in recognition of the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Charles Rosen’s landmark study, The Classical Style. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven. This Zoom conference will be held on Friday, September 24, 2021 at 3:30pm Eastern Time, and will begin with ten-minute presentations from three scholars—Catherine Mayes, Edward Klorman, and Scott Burnham—to be followed by an hour-long question-and-answer period from members of the audience, moderated by Edmund Goehring. »

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