Appel à contributions – Critical Studies in Improvisation / Études critiques en improvisation – 15 mai 2020

Critical Studies in Improvisation / Études critiques en improvisation, numéro spécial « Improvisation, Musical Communities, and the COVID-19 Pandemic », dirigé par Daniel Fischlin, Laura Risk et Jesse Stewart.

« The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the music industry upside-down overnight and impacted music-making at all levels. Even as other sectors of the economy reopen, the performing arts remain on hold with venues closed indefinitely, festivals deferred, touring on shutdown, and even music lessons severely curtailed. Social distancing has foregrounded the presumptions of mobility and physical closeness that underpin music-making and music consumption, and has called into question the economic viability of current models for musical performance, consumption, curation, and dissemination. This special issue of Critical Studies in Improvisation / Études critiques en improvisation challenges musicians, performers, scholars, arts presenters, and other cultural workers to reflect on this extraordinary moment and begin envisaging a post-pandemic musical landscape.

We seek a diverse range of submissions in a variety of formats, including scholarly articles; interviews with performers, promoters, or other industry personnel; and first-person narratives and testimonies. Scholarly articles should be 3000-5000 words. Interviews, multimedia content, and first-person narratives may be any length but we are looking for short and to the point expressions that are testimonial, have an engaged point of view, and speak directly from experience with specific examples of sites, musical practices, individual and group experience, and situational contexts and case studies. »

Date limite de proposition (résumé) : 15 mai 2020.

Date limite de soumission (texte complet) : 1er août 2020.

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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