Appel à contributions – The Adolescentia Project

« Think back to when you were fourteen years old. Who were you? Who did you hang out with? And, most importantly, what did you listen to?

The Adolescentia Project seeks to collect submissions on the albums we loved when we were fourteen – whenever we were fourteen – to create a digital archive that celebrates these collective experiences. Submissions should include reflections responding to the following questions:

  • What did your 14-year-old self love about this album? (Max. 150 words)
  • How did this album impact your sense of self? (Max. 150 words)
  • How did this album impact how you understood the world? (Max. 150 words)
  • How is the album’s impact still with you today? (Max. 150 words)

Submissions should also include the artist, album title, year of release, a photo of the cover art, and a photo of the contributor around age 14. »

Pour plus de détails, visitez le site du projet.

Le formulaire de soumission est accessible en cliquant ici.

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