Colloque – « Opera & Representation » – 6 & 8 mai 2021

Colloque « Opera & Representation » (3e YOST Conference), Yale University, en ligne, 6 & 8 mai 2021.

« On May 6, 5-6:30p, featured guest Yuval Sharon (The Industry and Michigan Opera Theatre) will offer an introduction and director’s commentary to a streaming of the “Train” track of The Industry’s Sweet Land (Los Angeles, 2020).

The all-day conference on May 8 will comprise short lightning talks by Lucy Caplan, Ryan Ebright, Yayoi Uno Everett, Imani Danielle Mosley, Megan Steigerwald Ille, and Danielle Ward-Griffin (chairs and respondents: Joy H. Calico, Maya Gibson, W. Anthony Sheppard, and Adriana Zabala), followed by a series of discussion panels on economics, developing new themes in opera, collaboration as a path to diversification, and challenging the canon. Panelists include Derrell Acon, Naomi André, Daphne A. Brooks, Raven Chacon, Allison Chu, Patrick Diamond, Du Yun, Maurice L. Harris, Ethan Heard, Douglas Kearney, Gundula Kreuzer, David Lang, George Lewis, Mimi Lien, Latonia Moore, Tavia Nyong’o, Frances Pollock, Aleks Romano, Kamala Schelling, and Yuval Sharon. »

Programme complet et inscription : cliquez ici.

ISSN : 2368-7061
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