Nouvelle parution – Journal of the Lute Society of America, vol. 52

Vient de paraître : Journal of the Lute Society of America, vol. 52.

Rédacteur en chef : John Griffiths.

« The Journal of the Lute Society of America is an open access scholarly refereed journal and has been published annually since 1968. It is one of the foremost international publications of research and scholarship concerning all aspects of the lute, lute music, and all related early plucked instruments and contains articles by eminent researchers from throughout the world. All volumes can be consulted or downloaded here. The Journal welcomes contributions. »

Au sommaire :

Essays in Honor of Douglas Alton Smith, Part I

  • Douglas A Smith – Writings — compiled by Kate Benessa and Arthur J. Ness
  • The Trecento Lute — Hiroyuki Minamino
  • Golden Cloth and Black Silk: Music for “Amando e desiando” — Richard K. Falkenstein
  • Teaching for the Amicus: Sketches from the Lute Tablature D-Mbs, Mus. ms. 267 within the Context of the Rhetorical loci communes and compositio — Kateryna Schöning
  • Raucous, Penetrating? The Sound ideal of the Calichon — Pietro Prosser
  • A Musical Instrument is a Process — Klaus Martius
  • Peter Croton, A Method for the Renaissance Lute, with a Supplement for the Archlute. Le Luth Doré, Paris, 2019. — Paul Beier

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