Appel à contributions – colloque virtuel Africa Synthetized. Electronic Music PRE-MP3 – 6 avril 2020

Appel à contributions pour le colloque virtuel « Africa Synthesized. Electronic Music Pre-MP3 », organisée par Willemien Froneman et Stephanie Vos (Africa Open Institute, Stellenbosch University), Carina Venter (Department of Music, Stellenbosch University), et finance par le Interdisciplinary Forum for Popular Music (ifPOP) at Africa Open Institute.

« Africa Synthesized will address electronic music in Africa before the advent of MP3 (c. 1995). The conference will bring together scholars, artists, producers and archivists who work with electronic sound technology broadly defined. The theme cuts across the fields of art music and popular music, and invites dialogue between academics and music producers. Africa Synthesized aims to map 20th-century itineraries of electronic music in Africa, to consider the role of Africa in the development of electronic music in the Western world, and to seek out encounters with sonic artists and practitioners working beyond academia.


We invite 20-minute papers, panels consisting of 3 to 4 papers, panel discussions, as well as performances and artistic responses. Audios, videos or texts welcome. We’re investigating the possibility of live streaming or other means for virtual gatherings. Possible topics could include:
  • Histories of electronic music studios in Africa
  • The role of Africa in the postwar music avant-garde
  • Electroacoustic art music from/about Africa
  • Ambient music from/about Africa
  • Afrofuturism
  • Contemporary uses of analogue sound equipment/recordings
  • Intersections between environmental sound recording and music
  • Electronic sound archives in/from Africa
  • Histories of vinyl and cassette in Africa
  • DIY studios, synthesizers and other electronic instruments
  • Electronic instrument builders and collectors in Africa
  • The Moog in Africa
  • Analogue nostalgia »
Envoi des propositions : 6 avril 2020 à svos[a]
  • Inclure le résumé avec titre (250 mots pour les articles individuels, 400 mots pour les panels) + note biographique (50 mots max)
  • Donner le format de la contribution (audio/vidéo/texte/autres formats numériques ?)
  • Indiquer tout autre besoin additionnel, notamment technique.
Avis d’acceptation : 10 avril 2020.
Date limite d’envoi des contributions : 26 juin 2020.


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