Symposium – « Late Style and the Idea of the Summative Work in Bach and Beethoven » – 24 avril 2021

Symposium « Late Style and the Idea of the Summative Work in Bach and Beethoven », University of Massachusetts Amherst, en ligne, 24 avril 2021.

« Artistic “lateness” is often characterized by complexities and contradictions that consolidate a lifetime of achievements and accumulated experience into summative works that seem to live on outside of place and time. At the same time, a composer’s late style has frequently been seen as transcending nostalgia and generating new directions for the next generation of composers.
Late works by J. S. Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven are often historically interpreted as summative capstones, while, at the same time, providing foundations for subsequent repertoire. This symposium brings together scholars from diverse perspectives to elucidate (1) the multiple meanings of Late Style in the music of Bach and Beethoven and (2) how their summative late works have been understood and received by composers, performers, theorists, historians, philosophers, critics, and others. Topics range from the philosophical to the practical: for example, new understandings of Late Style, relationships between reflection and creation, and the reception history of late works. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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