Colloque – « Music, Sound, and Trauma. Interdisciplinary Perspectives » – 12-14 février 2021

olloque « Music, Sound, and Trauma. Interdisciplinary Perspectives », Indiana University, en ligne, 12-14 février 2021.

« The presentations, performances, workshops and seminars of “Music, Sound, and Trauma: Interdisciplinary Perspectives” will illuminate the current state of research on music and trauma, while also generating rich discussion of further avenues of interdisciplinary inquiry, activism, and collaboration. This conference would bring together scholars working at the intersections of music scholarship, sound studies, history, psychology, medical humanities, and other disciplines with the aim of addressing three central questions:

1) How can knowledge emerging from the humanistic discipline of trauma studies shape music- and sound-oriented fields such as musicology, ethnomusicology, music education, and sound studies?

2) How might music and sound studies research that engages with trauma studies shape the landscape of research in the arts and humanities more broadly?

3) Considering the many ways in which cultural trauma and social inequality have historically been linked, how might interdisciplinary research at the intersections of music, sound, and trauma inform knowledge, policy, and practice geared towards social justice not only within, but also beyond the academy? »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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