Symposium en ligne – « Musicological Expo 2020 » – 12 décembre 2020

Symposium en ligne de la Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands, « Musicological Expo 2020 », en ligne, 12 décembre 2020.

Session 1 (11:00-13:00 CET): Music and Migration

«Focus on migration and migrants’ activities have enriched music studies in manifold ways over the past decades. During this panel, meLê yamomo, Iye Echa, Marthe Holman, and Rebekah Ahrendt (moderator) will shed light on this topic by introducing their research on music and migration in colonial Southeast Asia, West African djembe musicians in the Netherlands, and Dutch charity organizations working with music projects and refugees. »

Session 2 (15:00-17:00 CET): Music and Whiteness in The Netherlands

« Whiteness is the default setting of most Dutch music institutions. Curricula at the conservatories and musicology departments remain rooted in white European musical traditions, and the faculty at such institutions remain overwhelmingly white. This panel will put a spotlight on the whiteness of Dutch music industry, education, and scholarship – whiteness that still largely remains invisible and therefore functions as universal. In order to be able to decenter it, we must first define how it functions and name the violence it inflicts. During this panel, Pravini Baboeram, Charissa Granger, Gavin-Viano, Aafje de Roest, and Olga Panteleeva (moderator) will address the historical background as well as the present-day impact of this environment on white and non-white people who navigate the Dutch music world. »

Pour plus d’informations sur les thèmes et les intervenantes : Facebook event.

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