Colloque – « Sounds of the Pandemic » – 16-17 décembre 2020

Colloque international, « Sounds of the Pandemic », en ligne, 16-17 décembre 2020.

Organisé par Università di Firenze, Dipartimento SAGAS, et Tempo Reale, Centro di Ricerca Produzione e Didattica Musicale.

« The conference is part of Come suona la Toscana, a triennial research project by Università di Firenze in the framework of the PRIN 2017 initiative “Heritage, Festivals, Archives. Music and performing practices of oral tradition in the XXI Century” funded by the Italian Ministry for University and Research (MIUR).

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has had a strong impact on the sound of the places we live in, particularly as a consequence of the measures taken to stem the contagion. First of all, the lockdown and the suspension of most activities marking our everyday lives have produced a crucial drop in noise pollution, due to an almost total reduction of traffic: this has caused silence to emerge powerfully in the aural conscience of individuals. In the meanwhile, the lockdown has produced new sonic environments, putting in the foreground new aural experiences and acoustic elements that are usually covered by “noise”: on one hand, these include the case of musical flash mobs taking off in many countries (especially in Italy), and on the other the emergence of animal sounds in urban settings. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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