Symposium en ligne – « Archiving and Re-Performing Electroacoustic Music » – 23-24 octobre 2020

Symposium en ligne, « Archiving and Re-Performing Electroacoustic Music », via Zoom, AREM2020, Dresde, 23-24 octobre 2020.

« Archiving music that involves digital technologies causes new challenges for institutions, libraries and archives, ranging from providing server facilities and maintaining hard- and software to questions of systematizing the now divers, partly digital sources. How can and should these new sources be preserved and archived? Who selects the sources that are maintained? Who takes care about maintaining the accessibility of the archived sources? How is archiving digital media influenced by legal issues? How do other research fields such as media studies, film studies or game studies deal with those questions? And how is archiving music related to the new developments in digital music editions? »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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