Colloque – « Opera in Flux. Identity, Staging, Narrative » – 3-10 octobre 2020

Colloque en ligne « Opera in Flux. Identity, Staging, Narrative », Université du Michigan, 3-10 octobre 2020.

« Opera is in a state of flux, redefining itself with each premiere and production of radical new work. In the past two decades alone, its subject matter has expanded to include pressing sociopolitical issues and experiences, such as a condemned man’s time on death row (Jake Heggie’s Dead Man Walking, 2000), the wrongful conviction of black and Latinx youths (Anthony Davis’s Central Park Five, 2019), drug trafficking in Mexico (Camelia la Tejana’s ¡Unicamente La Verdad!, 2014), the mass firing of gay workers during the McCarthy era (Gregory Spears’s Fellow Travelers, 2018), and the coming-of-age story of a transgender woman (Laura Kaminsky’s As One, 2014). »

Pour plus de détails, voir la page de l’événement.

ISSN : 2368-7061
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