Appel à contributions – Brazilian Journal of Music and Media Studies, vol. 1, no 3

Appel à contributions de la.du Revista Brasileira de Estudos em Música e Mídia / Brazilian Journal of Music and Media Studies, pour le dossier « Popular Music and Audiovisual. Contemporary Latitudes » (vol. 1, no 3).

« Aligned with the recent engagement between popular music and the studies about cinema, introduced in important authorship productions, anthologies and articles that approach a reflection zone in flagrant rise in the two past decades, this dossier intends to reunite articles, essays, interviews and reviews about significant dynamics of popular music inserted in the audiovisual context. In consonance with the interdisciplinary tradition related to soundtracks, proposals assessing the  popular music aspects inserted in both fictional and documentary  films along with serial fictions, tv shows, advertising pieces, performances  and other audiovisual productions, evaluated from their aesthetic, poetical, historical, cultural, social, technological, ideological and political aspects.   Recent studies suggest that popular music, in general, establishes an intertextual and intermedial approach that tends to affect audiovisual spectators with a symbolic and cultural background,  with an “immediate threat of History”, as quoted by Anahid Kassabian in her book Hearing film: tracking identifications in contemporary Hollywood film music. »

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