Appel de conférences – « Maria Callas at 100. Opera, Celebrity, Myth » – 30 juin 2023

Appel de conférences pour le colloque international « Maria Callas at 100. Opera, Celebrity, Myth », Turin, 17-20 décembre 2023.

« The conference Maria Callas at 100: Opera, Celebrity, Myth aims to address, from an interdisciplinary perspective, the study of an artistic personality who left a profound mark on the history of opera, but also more generally on the collective imaginary, becoming a true icon of the twentieth century. Her singing, which poet and critic Eugenio Montale defined as expressionistic, not only marked a turning point in the interpretation and reception of opera in contemporary culture, but also had a radical impact on all the other arts, from literature to cinema, and from the visual arts to all kinds of performance.

Adopting a broadly multidisciplinary perspective, the conference will focus on a professional career that spanned several decades of the last century, leaving an indelibe mark on opera; at the same time, it will also explore the singer’s influence on broader social and cultural discourses, both in Italy and abroad, within which she performed – and continues to perform – a crucial role.

In addition to reconsidering the fundamental part that Callas played in the historical and artistic context in which she lived, the conference also aims to emphasise her legacy and the ongoing relevance of her myth.

From fashion to cinema, from pop music to TV series, from graphic novels to numerous biographies, Callas’ memory lives on in the present through countless tributes, reframes and remediations, as witnessed, for instance, by Marina Abramović’s opera project 7 Deaths of Maria Callas, which will open the conference as a video installation. »

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