Colloque – « How do you solve a problem like the Anthropocene? » – 6-7 mai 2023

Colloque « How do you solve a problem like the Anthropocene? », Music Studies & the Anthropocene Research Network, en ligne, 6-7 mai 2023.

« Welcome to “Music Studies & the Anthropocene: Phase II”! This online symposium is intended to extend and continue conversations we began in May 2022 with “Ruptures & Convergences.” Please use this registration form to indicate your interest in attending.

Each of these sessions is intended to function as a mini-seminar centering on a series of questions, an abstract, and a short reading (or two) provided in advance by conveners. These materials are not intended to be limiting or prescriptive, but simply act as a starting point for conversation. We have invited 3-4 facilitators to moderate conversation, but all attendees are welcome to participate actively in any and every session. Please note that readings are optional, and all of them will be available on Perusall. »

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