Financement – Bourses (post)doctorales, HKB/Université de Genève – 28 avril 2023

Bourses doctorale et postdoctorale de la Haute école des arts de Berne/Université de Genève 2023-2027.

  • Bourse doctorale : « The doctoral student will focus on the Swiss composer Robert Blum (1900–1994), whose archives are held today in the Zurich Central Library. Blum studied with Busoni in Berlin in the early 1920s alongside Kurt Weill and Wladimir Vogel, then rapidly established himself at the forefront of Swiss Neoclassical composers. Before eventually adopting the 12-note method, Blum co-founded the Zurich branch of the ISCM, taught at the Zurich Conservatory for 30 years, became Switzerland’s leading film composer, and even commissioned and conducted Frank Martin’s Le vin herbé. However, Blum’s output and impact remain largely overlooked due to the hitherto lack of research. Many musicological approaches to Blum might prove relevant to this project, including music theory, sketch studies, reception history, biography, etc. Once they have familiarised themselves with the sources, the doctoral student is expected to devise their own methodological framework to put Blum into perspective. »
  • Bourse postdoctorale : « The postdoc will focus on the life and work of the writer Aline Valangin (1889–1986). She was long regarded primarily as a muse and patron to the male artists with whom she associated, most notably the 12-tone composer Wladimir Vogel. While this project will indeed investigate Valangin’s role at the heart of a network of artists at the forefront of Swiss Modernism, it will concentrate on her own activities as a writer, musician, psychoanalyst and intellectual. »

Date limite de soumission: 28 avril 2023.

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