Appel à contributions – Key Terms in Music Theory for Anti-Racist Scholars – 30 septembre 2020

Appel à contributions pour l’ouvrage Key Terms in Music Theory for Anti-Racist Scholars. Epistemic Disavowals, Reimagined Formalisms, dirigé par Jade Conlee et Tatiana Koike.

« Our volume takes up an anti-racist reimagining of music-theoretical formalism by examining the ideologies latent in the discipline’s foundational terminology. In a recent blog post, music theorist Philip Ewell observes, “with respect to racial and gender matters, music theory—and the white-male frame generally—only recognizes linear time: ‘that was then and this is now, we don’t have the same problem with racism and sexism that they did then, so stop talking about it.’” Like Ewell, we hold that to shift the field of music theory toward an anti-racist praxis, we must first look backward in order to move forward. We might find a model for such work in ethnomusicology’s postwar examination of their field’s roots in nineteenth-century German comparative musicology—an intellectual environment shared by many of the theorists whose work we wish to revisit in this volume. The present compilation draws from ethnomusicology’s analysis of power relations and the academic gaze by asking how the West’s colonial history and internal dynamic of white supremacy continue to color the claims music theorists make about repertoires both inside and outside the Western art music canon. Although revetting music-theoretical primary sources will complicate our relationships with many of the field’s historical figures and concepts, such an undertaking also has the potential to broaden the discipline, rendering music-theoretical topics accessible to scholars passionate about race- and class-based analyses of intellectual history, media, and aesthetics. »

Date limite de soumission : 30 septembre 2020.

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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