Événement – « Ukrainian Contemporary Music Festival and Academic Panel » – 17-19 mars 2023

Ukrainian Contemporary Music Festival and Academic Panel, New York, 17-19 mars 2023.

« The 2023 festival, entitled “A Tribute to Borys Liatoshynsky”, will open with “Inspirations” on March 17, 2023. “Inspirations” will introduce audiences to the music of Liatoshynsky by placing his works alongside composers who inspired him, including Alban Berg (whose work Liatoshynsky championed), and Liatoshynsky’s own students, Valentyn Sylvestrov and Volodymyr Zahorstev, members of the Kyiv Avant-Garde. 

The second concert, “Evolutions”, on March 18, 2023, will chart the variety of ways Ukrainian music has developed since Liatoshynsky’s death by exploring the music of his “descendants.” This program includes pieces by contemporary Ukrainian composers who can trace their pedagogical genealogy to Liatoshynsky, including Serhii Vilka, Alex Voytenko, Andrii Didorenko, Anna Arkushyna, Olena Ilnytska, and Yana Shliabanska. 

In the final concert, “Conversations”, on March 19, 2023, Liatoshynsky’s Third and Fourth String Quartets will be presented alongside the String Quartet No. 3 of Béla Bartók, with whom he shared similar interests in national musics, and the Sextet of American composer Aaron Copland, whose own career chartered similar paths to those of his Ukrainian contemporary. »

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