Appel à contributions – SEM Orchestra – 24 avril 2023

Appel à contributions du SEM Orchestra pour le concert de sa 68e rencontre annuelle, Ottawa, 19-22 octobre 2023.

« The SEM-O, the Society for Ethnomusicology’s first official performing group, is an all-volunteer ensemble composed of SEM members performing on instruments of their choosing. Since its inception, the SEM Orchestra has been organizing concerts that function to highlight the musical life of the Society by showcasing the compositional work and musicianship of its members. For more information about SEM-O and past performances, click here.

Criteria for compositions include:
  • Open (global) instrumentation for sound-producing devices (whether acoustic, electric, or recorded media)
  • Relatively easy to learn and perform and/or improvisation-based
  • Up to 7’ minutes in length

Date limite de soumission : 24 avril 2023.

Pour plus de détails : cliquez ici.

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