Formation – Medinea On Air session 3 – 9-15 février 2023

Formation proposée dans le cadre du programme ERASMUS+ Medinea On Air, en ligne, 9-15 février 2023.

« Medinea On Air is an online learning programme that aims to provide specific preparation for classical musicians and improvisers who wish to enrich their musical training. This programme is free upon registration and for all young artists – instrumentalists, composers and conductors – students, professionals, researchers from the Euro-Mediterranean region and above.

This session opens with two feedback sessions, during which participants can exchange with jury members and other candidates about their experiences with orchestral auditions in general, and, more specifically, auditions conducted during the first two sessions. The technical section also concentrates on studio recording, editing techniques, and collaborating with a sound engineer. Special emphasis is placed on professional skills that can be useful for artistic leadership, such as the ability to find opportunities to play with a group and the involvement of local communities in artistic projects. Finally, the cultural section introduces participants to Portuguese and other Latin music traditions. »

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