Appel de conférences – « Sonic Ties. Rethinking Communities and Collectives » – 5 mars 2023

Appel de conférences pour le colloque « Sonic Ties. Rethinking Communities and Collectives », isaScience 2023, mdw – University for Music and Performing Arts Vienna Reichenau/Rax, Autriche et en ligne, 26-30 août 2023.

« Sound and social relations are tightly interwoven and oftentimes contingent upon each other. ‘Sonic Ties’ offers a lens through which to study the qualities of connection and intersubjectivity that arise through sound. isaScience 2023 invites you to explore ‘Sonic Ties’ as a central mode of sharing communality and experiencing collectivity through music, dance, and other phenomena of performance and cultural expression.

By focusing on this specific mode of relating the sonic and the social, mdw’s interdisciplinary, international conference investigates how sound shapes collectives and communities in different societal, historical, and geopolitical contexts, and the ways in which these sonic ties reflect back on the individuals involved. Looking at communities and collectives from social movements to musical ensembles, from ethnic communities to artist collectives, isaScience 2023 seeks to investigate the entanglements of sound and power relations. What are the different forms and degrees of sonic participation and to what extent are they tied to local or globalized experiences? »

Date limite de soumission : 5 mars 2023.

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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