Colloque – « AMS Ludomusicology Co-Operative Virtual Conference » – 28 janvier 2023

Colloque « AMS Ludomusicology Co-Operative Virtual Conference », en ligne, 28 janvier 2023.

« We are announcing our inaugural Co-Operative Virtual Conference on Saturday, January 28th. The American Musicological Society’s Ludomusicology Study Group is hosting this event via Discord. Here is a schedule of papers, all times in Eastern Time:


Play (09:00-10:30)
  • Ziqi Lu, Hang Yu, and Linyi You (Communication University of China): « The multi-sensory experiential learning of interaction design in Children’s music and art education: Towards gamification »
  • Kate Galloway (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute): « Co-operative Play: An Acoustic Ecology of Animal Avatar Games »
  • Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (Istanbul Technical University, Turkish Music Conservatory): « A Process for Generating Group Play Ideas for Musical Improvisation »
Interaction (11:00-12:30)
  • Cristina Guzmán Anaya (University of Granada): « Fan Creativity, Collaboration, and Resignification in Sonic Participatory Cultures Within, Through, and Around Genshin Impact (HoYoverse, 2020) »
  • Nicholas Séguin (University of Ottawa): « It Takes Two to Tango: Sound in Co-Operative Puzzle Platformers »
  • Clair Nguyen (University of Cincinnati): « Interactive Rhythmic Streams in Japanese Mobile Rhythm Games »
Lunch Break (12:30-14:00)


Communities (14:00-16:00)
  • Michael Huerter (Baylor University): « “Close in the Distance” – Digital Presence and Communal Affect on Twitch »
  • Yun Kiu (Temple University): « The Authentic Anonymous Idols: Virtual Sound, Music and Play on VTuber’s Identity »
  • Nic Vigilante (Cornell University): « Video Game Concerts, the Affect of Liveness, and Ethnographic Ludomusicology »
  • Aidan Gold (Julliard School): « I’m Actually Just Making Stuff Up »
Keynote (1630-1730) by Julianne Grasso (Florida State University) and Elizabeth Hambleton (Texas State University). »


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