Appel de conférences – « The Expertise of the Musical Amateur » – 15 mars 2023

Appel de conférences pour le colloque « The Expertise of the Musical Amateur », Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst, Graz, 12-13 octobre 2023.

« The terms amateur and expert come across, at first glance, as opposing concepts. While in the strictest terms, an amateur is someone who pursues music non-professionally, and thus not for financial gain or to make a living in general, it has been common to assume that most such musicians also usually have less musical skill than professionals, so much so that this has become a secondary part of the definition of the term. Yet many cases in music history and in today’s musical practices–including as studied within music pedagogy–complicate this association. Historically, many amateur musicians attained a professional level of skill, including women for whom a professional career in music was not possible. In the past and today, the boundaries between amateurism and professionalism have been ever fluid. Amateurs have crossed into the world of professional activity, and professionals have similarly become amateurs. In many music clubs such as wind orchestras, professional musicians have worked and still work closely together with amateurs, creating a shared expertise that connects both worlds. In instrumental teaching, there is also a tension between the ideas of professionalism and amateurism: on the one hand, students look up aspirationally to their professional teachers, and may wish to be professionals one day; on the other hand, in the vast majority of cases, the aim is for students to acquire the necessary know-how to be active as amateur musicians. »

Date limite de soumission (extension) : 24 avril 2023.

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