Conférence – « Listening to the Songs of Indigenous Lands » – 25 novembre 2022

Conférence « Listening to the Songs of Indigenous Lands » de Dylan Robinson and Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Vienne et en ligne, 25 novembre 2022.

« Fusing scholarly and artistic approaches, Dylan Robinson and Cheryl L’Hirondelle will explore the manifold dimensions of sound art by North American Indigenous artists and Indigenous song. The evening will feature works by Raven Chacon, Rebecca Belmore and Tania Willard. L’Hirondelle and Robinson will begin by presenting the work of Navajo artist and composer Raven Chacon. L’Hirondelle will open by singing a graphic score from Chacon’s multi-part composition For Zitkála-Šá. In turn, Robinson will discuss Raven Chacon’s public artwork Singing Toward The Wind Now / Singing Toward The Sun Now, pairing this with a discussion of Anishinaabe artist Rebecca Belmore’s public artwork Wave Sound. In these public artworks, we are presented with devices for listening to the land. The presentation will conclude with both Robinson and L’Hirondelle focusing on Secwepemc artist Tania Willard’s “Surrounded / Surrounding”, a work commissioned for the Soundings exhibition of Indigenous art scores, touring internationally until 2025. While Robinson will discuss the various material aspects of Willard’s installation and the ways in which it affirms forms of Indigenous gathering, L’Hirondelle will present a new premiere of the graphic score that is part of Willard’s installation. »

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