Colloque – « Project Spectrum 2022 Symposium. In Discomfort » – 9-10 novembre 2022

« Project Spectrum 2022 Symposium. In Discomfort », Nouvelle Orléans, 9-10 novembre 2022

« To acknowledge and feel discomfort is to attune the self and to prepare for the consequences of this negative affect: pain, violence, excess, precarity, to name only a few. As such, we take discomfort as a serious entry-point into larger conversations which affect scholars and the communities they serve. In yet another political moment where discomfort is being appropriated and weaponized to erase populations, we ask: what happens and what can happen when we listen to and act upon the cries of communities that face such erasure? Why should we, the abject, the minoritarian, feel discomfort in the first place? Discomfort therefore collects these people in this place in order to repair, relieve, and prevent the harms experienced in the academy. 

To sit and contend with our discomfort as settlers and members of imperial institutions also forces our disciplines to contend with the fact that the current state of our environments to which we belong are not, of themselves, sites of liberation. Knowing that we are “In Discomfort,” however, also means we know that we can feel and maybe have felt otherwise. »

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