Colloque – « Galant Schemata in Theory & Practice » – 30 septembre-2 octobre 2022

Colloque international sur le thème « Galant Schemata in Theory & Practice », en ligne, 30 septembre-2 octobre 2022

« The conference features a wide variety of presentations related to schema theory and matters of performance and pedagogy. In addition to live presenters, there are several prerecorded presentations that participants will have access to. And a session of Schemata Bingo is not to be missed.

Robert Gjerdingen will deliver the keynote, and the conference also highlights the work of several invited speakers who are experts in the fields of partimento and schema theory: Nicholas Baragwanath, John A. Rice, Giorgio Sanguinetti, and Peter van Tour. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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