Colloque – « Hear + Việt + Film » – 21-22 octobre 2022

Appel de conférences pour le symposium « Hear + Việt + Film. A Symposium on Trans-Vietnamese Music in Film », Los Angeles, 21-22 octobre 2022

« Taking place at UCLA in October 2022, Hear + Việt + Film: A Symposium on Trans-Vietnamese Music in Film is a multi-day event series bringing together scholars, filmmakers, and composers for a critical reassessment of music in Vietnamese film. Featuring lecture panels, film screenings, and Q&A sessions, the symposium seeks to bridge transnational as well as transdisciplinary perspectives on this global medium. It also seeks to raise public awareness of Vietnamese film as a site of translation that mediates between Vietnamese and diasporic contexts, a project that involves ongoing negotiations between languages, histories, and genres. The symposium also highlights the ways in which hearing the transnational contexts of Vietnamese film music requires listening for the presence of queer positionalities, both on and off-screen. By evoking these complex entanglements between local and global contexts, Hear + Việt + Film will reevaluate film music in a trans-Vietnamese context. »

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