Colloque – « Music and Antifascism. Reflections on the Past and Possibilities in the Present » – 7-8 juillet 2022

Colloque sur le thème « Music and Antifascism. Reflections on the Past and Possibilities in the Present », Université McGill, 7-8 juillet 2022.

« This two-day conference provides a forum for an international exchange of knowledge, insights, and perspectives on specifically musical and sonic interventions in global struggles against political oppression, both past and present. The resurgence of ultranationalist, xenophobic, discriminatory, and authoritarian regimes throughout the world has threatened democratic governance systems, basic human rights, social justice, and ecological sustainability. The current momentum of progressive social movements worldwide and the gravity of the issues at stake in the struggle against the violent and repressive fascist ideologies makes this topic a timely one. As a ubiquitous cultural practice, music has been mobilized effectively in anti-oppressive struggles across time and across national borders. The effectiveness of music is evident in its ability to draw communities together, embody messages of antifascist resistance, build social solidarity, and inspire direct action. Music has also aided in the recording, preservation, and remembrance of past struggles in ways that serve to inspire and inform contemporary antifascist movements. »

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