Événement – AFSACK Salon Series – 4 mai 2022

AFSACK Salon Series, sur le thème « Melodies of Unity. A Discussion on Sufi Music with the MTO Zendeh Delan Ensemble », en ligne, 4 mai 2022

« Join us on Wednesday May 4th for our next AFSACK Salon Series Conversation with the MTO Zendeh Delan Ensemble. This discussion explores the eclectic sounds of their new album, Melodies of Unity, diving into their creative process and inspirations from Sufi poetry. The conversation further examines their experiences of recording and making new music remotely during the pandemic across four countries.

Zendeh Delan is the official music and Sama ensemble of MTO Shahmaghsoudi, school of Islamic Sufism. The ensemble’s sound is best described as a manifestation of Sufi music today. While deeply rooted in the traditional melodies of Sufi music and the Persian musical modes, Zendeh Delan’s creative practice embraces the multitude of contemporary musical influences that surround us all–seamlessly blending the popular, the classical, and the global. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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