Appel à contributions – Latin Song in the Medieval World. Creation, Circulation, and Performance – 30avril 2022

Appel à contributions pour un ouvrage sur le thème Latin Song in the Medieval World. Creation, Circulation, and Performance, sous la dir. de Mary Channen Caldwell & Anne-Zoé Rillon-Marne. 

« Latin song in the medieval world is elusive, encompassing a wide range of devotional, didactic, and secular song practices, in addition to signifying specific genres such as the versus and conductus. Its language–the lingua franca of the Church, university, courtroom, and administration–enables Latin song to travel widely, yet it is equally unique and regional in its creation, style, and performance. The poems and melodies that comprise a single song might be carefully copied into deluxe manuscripts and accompanied by illuminations, or a poem could be sent as a sonic aside in personal correspondence or copied into a poetic miscellany intended for silent auralization. Latin song is seldom static in form and content, but instead fundamentally mobile; the mouvance that characterizes so many medieval texts (musical or otherwise) also characterizes Latin song. And although melody and poetry are often taken to be axiomatic, even these two elements do not fully capture the ways in which Latin song can take the form of an idea expressed in text alone; a single refrain; an incipit in an index; a divine vision; or a brief, textless melody. »

Date limite de soumission : 30 avril 2022

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