Colloque – 4th Transnational Opera Studies Conference – 23-26 juin2022

Colloque 4th Transnational Opera Studies Conference, Bayreuth, 23-26 juin 2022.

Organisateurs : Kordula Knaus et Anno Mungen. 

« Following the success of the first three meetings (tosc@bologna.2015, tosc@bern.2017 and tosc@paris.2019), the fourth edition of the tosc@ conference will take place at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, from June 23–26, 2022. Since 1976 the University has hosted a unique Research Institute for Music Theatre, located in the nearby Castle of Thurnau. With the Richard Wagner Festspielhaus and the Margravial Opera House the city of Bayreuth is filled with operatic history and culture, which can be explored by all participants in the diverse organized activities accompanying the conference. Due to the Corona pandemic the tosc@bayreuth conference was postponed to June 2021 to June 2022. »

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