Conférence – « Vernacular Philosophies of Music » – 20 avril 2022

Symposium « Vernacular Philosophies of Music Symposium », dans le cadre du projet « Composing Philosophy: Aesthetics and Amateurism in Twentieth- and Twenty-First Century Music », en ligne, 20 avril 2022

Organisatrice : Jennifer Ronyak.

« Composing and performing musicians, as well as music scholars, sometimes operate with formal philosophical methods or sources when pursuing their respective crafts. Yet at other times the philosophical underpinnings of such work are less easy to classify or identify, even when they are still crucial. This online symposium looks at some aspects of this problem through the conceptual lens of vernacular philosophies of music, i.e., those philosophies that—while they may have a great deal in common with systems articulated in more formal texts—are ultimately arrived at more personally and in social contexts beyond the institutional ones in which philosophy is most often thought to be found. »

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ISSN : 2368-7061
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