Appel de conférences – « AMS Ibero-American Music Study Group Lightning Lounge » – 12 mars 2022

Appel de conference pour le « AMS Ibero-American Music Study Group Lightning Lounge », au sein du congrès AMS-SEM-SMT, 10-13 novembre 2022.

« Following the success of previous versions of the AMS-IAMSG Lightning Lounge, we plan a new version for the AMS/SEM/SMT meeting this year. This time, our call focuses on Digital Humanities’ role and impact in the study, teaching, promotion, and practice of Ibero-American musics. A concept often introduced to refer to the use of digital technologies in humanities projects; Digital Humanities considers how digital technologies in the humanities challenge and change the user’s experience while setting new forms of making, connecting, interpreting, and collaborating in the humanities. Thus, Digital Humanities also have been increasingly central for the development of projects, disciplinary reflections, and academic debates in multiple fields during the last decade, including the study and practice of Ibero-American musics. »

Date limite de soumission : 12 mars 2022.

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