EXTENSION – Appel de conférences – « SysMus22 » – 1er avril 2022

Appel de conférences pour le « SysMus22 », Ghent et en ligne, 7-9 septembre 2022

« We are happy to announce SysMus22 is taking place in Ghent, Belgium! SysMus is a series of international conferences organized annually by young researchers and PhD students in the field of Systematic Musicology and music science. By being able to present work to peers in a professional, yet informal setting, students who are still at the beginning of their academic career can share their ideas, and network with peers. SysMus is committed to incorporating a wide range of topics within its conferences, representative of the umbrella term ‘systematic musicology’. »

EXTENSION de la date limite de soumission : 7 avril 2022

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