Colloque – « Alfred Einstein’s ‘The Italian Madrigal’ and Its Afterlife » – 16-18 mars 2022

Colloque « Alfred Einstein’s ‘The Italian Madrigal’ and Its Afterlife », Orff Centre (Munich) et en ligne, 16-18 mars 2022

« In 1949 the English translation of Alfred Einstein’s ‘The Italian Madrigal’ was published. Einstein’s study on sixteenth-century Italian vocal music remains largely unrivalled; his attempt to provide a detailed history of the madrigal and its literary and cultural-historical contexts have helped make his text a classic. The upcoming first edition of the book in its original German version enables a fresh look at Einstein’s work and invites readers to explore its afterlife.

At the conference, three approaches will guide the reexamination: Einstein’s monograph will be contextualized within the history of the humanities and musicology in the first half of the twentieth century. The relationship between the book’s now-historical conclusions and the current state of early modern research will be explored. Finally, scholars will delve into Einstein’s academic and personal biography and its relationship to ‘Das italienische Madrigal’. »

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