Appel à contributions – Musicology Now

Appel à contributions pour la plateforme Musicology Now de l’American Musicological Society.

« Musicology Now welcomes submissions on a rolling basis. Individual authors are invited to send complete submissions directly to the editors or reach out to the curatorial team to pitch an idea in a brief email. We also welcome roundtables—collections of four to six essays that cohere around a question, issue, or theme. We strongly encourage roundtable authors to be in touch with the curatorial team in advance of submission. All contributions undergo peer review.

As an online publication, Musicology Now seeks to engage a range of readers, including music educators beyond the university and audiences beyond North America. Authors should not presume that their readers are musicologists. Written contributions to Musicology Now are typically 1,000–1,500 words. The curatorial board is invested in publishing non-traditional essay formats, including audio and audiovisual pieces of modest lengths. »

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