Appel de conférences – « Hanns Eisler’s Music and Discourses from the Perspective of Gender » – 1er avril 2022

Appel de conférences pour le colloque international « Hanns Eisler’s Music and Discourses from the Perspective of Gender », Humboldt University et en ligne, 4-6 novembre 2022

« Hanns Eisler is one of the 20th century composers whose musical and theoretical output, biography and influence have been studied extensively. Within these fields, however, aspects relating to sexuality and gender have hardly been addressed. The aim of this conference is to begin to close this research gap by unveiling the significance of a gender perspective in Eisler’s creative and theoretical output: Which constructs of masculinity and femininity do Eisler’s music convey? What is the gendered meaning of Eisler’s theoretical discourses on music and politics? How did Eisler position himself in relation to feminism, sexism and patriarchy in the different phases of his life; and what was the impact of these ideologies and positions on his output? To what extent did Eisler influence the work of female composers, artists, intellectuals, etc. and vice versa? How does gender intersect with other determining factors such as social class, nationality, race, sexuality or education in Eisler’s musical and theoretical output? How was / is Eisler’s music integrated into male-only or female-only performance practices? And how were and are all these issues connected to his political ideology and the reception of his music before and after this death? Exploring these and related questions will permit fresh critical perspectives on the study of Eisler and will complement former approaches and interpretations of his output. »

Date limite de soumission : 1er avril 2022

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