EXTENSION – Appel de conférences – « Library Music in Audiovisual Media Conference » – 15 avril 2022

Appel de conférences pour le colloque « Library Music in Audiovisual Media Conference » organisé par la Royal Musical Association, 15-16 septembre 2022

Conférence d’honneur: Bethany Klein (University of Leeds).

« Library music (also known as “stock” or “production” music) occupies a pervasive presence in audiovisual media. Rather than hiring a composer to write a bespoke score, or working with pre-existing commercial tracks, media producers can turn to catalogues of library cues—organised by categories such as mood, genre and instrumentation—to provide sonic content for their productions (see Durand 2020; Fink 2000; Tagg 2006). In the present day, library music is deployed in a wide range of contexts, including television, film, advertising, trailer production, online content, radio and background “muzak” in commercial spaces, whilst its antecedents can be found in the collections of musical cues of the silent film era. Despite this ubiquity, the creators of library music are most often excluded from broadcast credits and thus rendered “invisible” to audiences. In addition, library music is often overlooked in academic writing, or approached with prevailing negative value judgements. However, recent work—especially in relation to television (Donnelly 2005; Fitzgerald 2009; Mandell 2002; Wissner 2015), trailer production (Deaville 2017) and labour practices (Nardi 2012)—has begun to redress this balance. Given the emergence of recent disruptive technologies and practices in the digital era (such as royalty-free licensing models), and the renewed life of “vintage” library tracks through sampling and related fandom practices, there are ample opportunities to consider library music anew. »

EXTENSION de la date limite de soumission : 30 avril 2022

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